Kinect Hack: Interactive Window Display

Another beautiful hack from the Kinect bar of 3D stereoscopic madness. In this example, an Interactive Development, Visual Merchandising and Operations Team put their minds together to create a projected display so that people passing by could come and draw on the shop screen without actually using any pens or markers on the window.

Pretty nice stuff.

Source: Kinect Hacks

My XBOX Live Reputation: March 2011

XBOX Live Logo

XBOX Live Logo

I don’t really get the chance to play XBOX Live these days, but when I do – I fucking love it. Loooveeee it. Now and then, probably only about twice a year, I check my reputation on Live. XBOX automatically determines your reputation from how you play, and how other players play with you online.

Every interaction with you is taken into account, such as the other player muting you, direct contact (private voice communications, team voice communications, private messages, voicemails etc) and other actions such as private matches with players. As of March 2011, these are my profile reputation highlights:

67% of people avoid me. This is generally made up from the statistics below:

33% of people think I am unsupportive.

16% of people think I am aggressive.

16% of people think I swear too much (language).

It’s worth telling you now for the record, that the above is true. I am unsupportive, aggressive and I say borderline illegal horrible things. The other 33% just “preferred you or haven’t submitted a review”. I suppose this is a good thing, right? At least 1/3 think I’m alright, at the very least.

Until the next update, pew pew pew!

Link: Industrial Designer Dates New Xbox For 2015

New XBOX 2015

Nabbed screenshot: Kotaku

Woah woah wait a minute, what is THIS?! This is good news, yes? Yeah I know. 2015, it’s fucking time away – but it’s good to know that the project is currently in progress. A similar article was up on Kotaku before it was pulled, I managed to nab a screenshot from Google’s Image Cache (displayed on the right). Gizmodo are still donning the article, however!

Redmond have been recruiting engineers recently for the XBOX division, however this seems like some pretty solid confirmation that there is some work going on.

Gizmodo: Industrial Designer Dates New Xbox For 2015.

Kotaku: Industrial Designer Dates New Xbox For 2015.

[Update: It seems the article was pulled from Kotaku and moved to Gizmodo]
[Update 2: FFS, found the Kotaku link. FML.]

Kinects Most Dangerous Hack Is The Evil Genius Simulator

“Where did you come up with this idea?”

“Errrr… pub!”

God I love a good nerd.

Link via Kotaku: Kinects Most Dangerous Hack Is The Evil Genius Simulator.