Windows 7 about to top Windows XP in market share: Get the HINT?!

Windows 7 about to top Windows XP market share

Windows 7 about to top Windows XP market share

Well it’s about fucking time. We all know that Vista bombed, and that many – if not the majority of users that actually knew how to use a computer preferred to stick with Windows XP – which at the time is understandable.

But then Windows 7 came out, it was a massive jump from Vista. Largely re-written, it was fast (faster than Windows XP), secure and ran smoothly. I had made the unfortunate mistake of buying a Macbook Pro (which was not the problem) for it’s hardware build and quality, which as most people will know, does not come with Windows but OS X (this was the problem). By this point I had been using Windows 7 for around a month… then made the switch to OS X.

What a difficult transition. Windows 7 had effectively fixed everything that everyone hated about Windows XP and Windows Vista (especially). This time they listened to what the users wanted, not to what they thought was correct – and it payed off. The result was a fast, slick sophisticated operating system that had very little problems and actually just stayed out of your way. Users don’t want to be nagged, they don’t want to be bothered. They just want to do what they need to do.

What I can’t, for the life of me, figure out is why some people are still using Windows XP. Why? Are you scared of upgrading? Do you have  a love/hate relationship with the operating system? Does Windows XP provide you with a comfort that no man or woman can match up to? Is Windows XP the abusive relationship that you know you need to get out of, but just can’t turn your back on for reasons that you can no longer remember? Windows XP is a 10 year old operating system, it’s been around now for a decade. People are complaining about being infected with viruses, malware and spyware so easily – and they complain and bitch about Windows XP. The answer lies right in front of you, you’re using an operating system that is a decade old.

If you’re using Windows XP, do yourself a favour and fork out the cash for a shiny new Windows 7 disc. Stop being subjected to dodgy software that you don’t know how it got into your computer. Stop being subjected to malware and spyware that are stealing your credit card details, your identity and your passwords. Stop using an operating system that is horribly outdated. This month, Windows 7 is poised to take the top spot in market share for the first time since Windows XP, surely – this must say something about the vast improvements, comfort and security that is now available to you.

Don’t suffer any longer. And stop whining about Windows XP.