LulzSec warn NHS over poorly guarded systems, NHS say they’re not worried and have AVG Free installed

LulzSec Logo


It’s hard to ignore the shear uprising of hacking related activity in the past weeks. PlayStation Network being the most notable, being crippled for a month and disabling online activity for many millions of PlayStation 3 units around the world. Then came the onslaught of Sony’s other websites and networks.

Then came the rest of the attacks. Let’s take a quick rundown of the hacking that has taken place by LulzSec over the past month:

  • (user passwords stolen)
  • Sony Music Japan
  • PBS (user passwords stolen)
  • Sony Pictures (user information)
  • CIA

Just yesterday, LulzSec have published 20,000 email addresses and passwords to the public, giving the average user access details to Facebook accounts, GMail accounts, PayPal to name just a few… these are the type of people we are dealing with here.

The NHS was recently sent an email from LulzSec (click the link to the left to view) regarding discovered security holes in their network – and the NHS turned them away when they wanted to help.
While you aren’t considered an enemy – your work is of course brilliant – we did stumble upon several of your admin passwords

LulzSec go on to say:
We mean you no harm and only want to help you fix your tech issues

In a response from the NHS:
This is a local issue affecting a very small number of website administrators. No patient information has been compromised. No national NHS information systems have been affected. The Department has issued guidance to the local NHS about how to protect and secure all their information assets.

Jesus fucking Christ. What a bog-standard response from some IT administrator cunt that is clearly too proud of his network to admit they have problems and accept help in plugging the holes that the NHS are exposing for all to freely abuse. This in itself shows what is wrong with the people at the “top” of the system. Similar examples of this are seen all over the news where people who are relatively high up in whatever organisation they belong to believe they think that they know everything – but in actual fact, they don’t.

What fucks me up even more, is that the NHS stated (as above):
The Department has issued guidance to the local NHS about how to protect and secure all their information assets.

I can pretty much guarantee that this is just a small email sent to all the satellite IT administrators around the country that either went totally unregarded, not taken seriously or ended up in the Junk mail box. As someone who used to work with NHS (anonymised) patient data, I know exactly how easy it is to obtain it.

LulzSec have clearly stated that they do not consider NHS to be an enemy and that their work is admired, however I hope someone in the NHS takes the polite notice about their security holes seriously… for the sake of all the unsuspecting patients that have used the NHS system, and for the sake of all the other nations in the world that are willing to pay considerable fortunes to obtain this data.

Invention Wednesday: Crunchy Nut Latte

Crunchy Nut Latte: A Concept

Crunchy Nut Latte: A Concept

I would like to note now that unlike LOLcat Friday and Demotivational Monday, Invention Wednesday is NOT a regular thing… unless we believe we have come up with a new invention on or around Wednesday that we feel the world should now. Today was one of them days.

Usual Wednesday morning. I come into work – actively seeking breaking my fast and a caffeine based beverage of sorts. Myself and Toni from Salad Cream were in the kitchen talking about, well, cereal – when the topic of a somewhat caffeine based cereal came up. This hadn’t been the first time, we had previously thought of this idea in the past but nothing ever materialised. Today, I said “fuck it” and poured half my coffee into my cereal, which today is currently Tesco’s own brand Shreddies rip-off.

… it wasn’t not nice? It certainly filled a void.

I came back to my desk and proudly showed my coffee and Shreddie-esqe concoction to my peers. Dan wasn’t exactly put off by the idea… but he did come up with a genius idea. The Crunchy Nut Latte. Wow. Just WOW! WHY has NO-ONE done this already?! What’s the freakin’ hold up?! It’s been decided that we’re going to do this one day, and it will have pictures too. Subscribe and keep watching the blog – it will happen.

I would also like to let you know that it is Surprise Chocolate Cup Cake Wednesday and we’re playing Guess the Pantone of Toni from Salad Cream’s cardigan.

Happy Wednesday!

WTF: Record companies request, wait for it, $75 TRILLION in damages against LimeWire

LimeWire $75 Trillion

$75 Trillion? No problem!

Hahahahaaa!!! Oh my Jesus Christ Monkey Balls. Are you being SERIOUS? SEVENTY-FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS? An amount that is around FIVE TIMES the national debt for the United States of America?

This is the ridiculous amount that some music labels have demanded collectively. Music labels used to be, back in the 70’s and 80’s – somewhat of a mild super power back in them days, and could get away with such acts of greed. Today things are very different.

Not only will this not go down in court at all, I’ll be more inclined to illegally download my music just to show them exactly how correctly they’re going about this.

HUNT HER: This Woman Used Japan’s Tragedy to Troll The Entire Internet

I read this article on Kotaku in disgust, anger and hatred. In the back of my mind, all I was thinking was “4Chan will get her”. Here are some select comments that she has made in her YouTube videos (which she has now shut down):

She initially mentions that there are a lot of atheists in America, but “Japan was a good place to start“.

It’s so amazing to see how God can answer prayers like this, I’m so overjoyed“.

Dirty, venereal, disgusting in-bred she-whore.

I went straight to the comments of this article. The first featured, starred comment I saw was:

tamtampamela 4chan comment

"tamtampamela" has made a dangerous mistake

I feel a little better, knowing that someone else out there knows what is going to happen to her. It also now appears that the she-whore herself knows what is about to happen to her, as she closed her YouTube channel, with her last video faking that she was just an internet troll all along. Internet trolls know an internet troll, and that was not an internet troll.

Strongly recommended that you read the article in full over at Kotaku below.

Link via Kotaku: This Woman Used Japan’s Tragedy to Troll The Entire Internet.

WTF: There’s just no need for the paperclip.


Why, why, why, why, WHY?! This small packet of dry biscuits is TINY and from Costa (this has no relevance).

Who has done such a thing? Well I’ll tell you – why it’s only our very own Toni from Salad Cream. “I don’t see what the problem is!”. I have highlighted what I think the problem is below. You be the judge.


WTF: LOL WUT - using a paper clip to close a very small bag of hard biscuits

WTF: Nightmare at Tesco Express, Farringdon

Now I love a good bargain as much as the next person does. I practically get off on the mesmerising yellow “reduced” sticker on any item… even if I don’t like the item. It will still get my attention for longer than someone who actually likes that item.

I was walking down an isle of the Tesco Express in Farringdon today… when I noticed a “Great Offers” sign. So I thought I would go over and give it some attention… which I did. Then I noticed another in the corner of my eye to the right of me… so I did the same. At this point something didn’t feel right. I noticed yet another in the corner of my eye to the left. Something was wrong. I slowly turned around… and was horrified by what I saw. Words cannot describe the fear that I experienced.

I strongly recommend you click to enlarge the image below to see, and even experience the horror for yourself.

Tesco Express - Great Offers

A horrific Great Offers experience

Kinects Most Dangerous Hack Is The Evil Genius Simulator

“Where did you come up with this idea?”

“Errrr… pub!”

God I love a good nerd.

Link via Kotaku: Kinects Most Dangerous Hack Is The Evil Genius Simulator.