LOLcat Friday: War Edition

Continuing the War theme from Demotivational┬áMonday, I present to you – the first LOLcat Friday… WAR EDITION!

LOLcat Dog War

LOLcat Dog War

LOLcat Gun

LOLcat Gun

LOLCat Stops for no-one

LOLcat stops for no-one

LOLCat Pew Pew Pew

LOLcat Pew Pew Pew

LOLCat Endcat

LOLcat: End Cat

LOLcat My Bullets

LOLcat My Bullets

LOLcat Puny Weapons

LOLcat: Puny Weapons

Happy Friday everyone!

Demotivational Monday: WAR edition

No matter how you look at it, Europe and the USA are at (a United Nations authorised) War against Col. Gaddafi and his pro-Gaddafi forces. Europe and USA LOVE the fact that this is actually a United Nations authorised war.

To celebrate this, we’re starting Demotivational Monday: war flavoured.

Demotivational: Safety At Work

(Click to enlarge) Demotivational: Safety At Work

Demotivational: LumberJack Commandos

(Click to enlarge) Demotivational: LumberJack Commandos

 Demotivational: Combat Beard

(Click to enlarge) Demotivational: Combat Beard

Demotivational: Blackwater

(Click to enlarge) Demotivational: Blackwater

Demotivational: Chinese Military Segway

(Click to enlarge) Demotivational: Chinese Military Segways?!

Demotivational: Balloon Tank

(Click to enlarge) Demotivational: Balloon Tank

Demotivational: Redundancy

(Click to enlarge) Demotivational: Redundancy