Invention Wednesday: Crunchy Nut Latte

Crunchy Nut Latte: A Concept

Crunchy Nut Latte: A Concept

I would like to note now that unlike LOLcat Friday and Demotivational Monday, Invention Wednesday is NOT a regular thing… unless we believe we have come up with a new invention on or around Wednesday that we feel the world should now. Today was one of them days.

Usual Wednesday morning. I come into work – actively seeking breaking my fast and a caffeine based beverage of sorts. Myself and Toni from Salad Cream were in the kitchen talking about, well, cereal – when the topic of a somewhat caffeine based cereal came up. This hadn’t been the first time, we had previously thought of this idea in the past but nothing ever materialised. Today, I said “fuck it” and poured half my coffee into my cereal, which today is currently Tesco’s own brand Shreddies rip-off.

… it wasn’t not nice? It certainly filled a void.

I came back to my desk and proudly showed my coffee and Shreddie-esqe concoction to my peers. Dan wasn’t exactly put off by the idea… but he did come up with a genius idea. The Crunchy Nut Latte. Wow. Just WOW! WHY has NO-ONE done this already?! What’s the freakin’ hold up?! It’s been decided that we’re going to do this one day, and it will have pictures too. Subscribe and keep watching the blog – it will happen.

I would also like to let you know that it is Surprise Chocolate Cup Cake Wednesday and we’re playing Guess the Pantone of Toni from Salad Cream’s cardigan.

Happy Wednesday!