LOL: The Large Hardon Collider

It was a Saturday afternoon in the office and myself and two other developers were in the office hammering away at numerous lines of PHP, HTML and CSS. Now, being at work on a Saturday is not usually normal in our profession, which lead us to start coming out with mixed words and phrases. The funniest of them all being Paul, mentioning the “Large Hardon Collider”.

To my own nerd amusement, I Googled it, fast – only to find a website about a Large Hardon Collider. This website actually goes into some detail about the “Penile Accelerator”, penetrating new areas, “Black Holes”, [m]ass and the elusive Higg’s Bosom.

The author of the website also mentions:

The Large Hardon Collider

From the creator of The Large Hardon Collider

If you would like to buy the domain name for your gay porn production, please visit the link below where you will find contact details for the owner of the domain.

Link: The Large Hardon Collider