HUNT HER: This Woman Used Japan’s Tragedy to Troll The Entire Internet

I read this article on Kotaku in disgust, anger and hatred. In the back of my mind, all I was thinking was “4Chan will get her”. Here are some select comments that she has made in her YouTube videos (which she has now shut down):

She initially mentions that there are a lot of atheists in America, but “Japan was a good place to start“.

It’s so amazing to see how God can answer prayers like this, I’m so overjoyed“.

Dirty, venereal, disgusting in-bred she-whore.

I went straight to the comments of this article. The first featured, starred comment I saw was:

tamtampamela 4chan comment

"tamtampamela" has made a dangerous mistake

I feel a little better, knowing that someone else out there knows what is going to happen to her. It also now appears that the she-whore herself knows what is about to happen to her, as she closed her YouTube channel, with her last video faking that she was just an internet troll all along. Internet trolls know an internet troll, and that was not an internet troll.

Strongly recommended that you read the article in full over at Kotaku below.

Link via Kotaku:¬†This Woman Used Japan’s Tragedy to Troll The Entire Internet.