WTF: Nightmare at Tesco Express, Farringdon

Now I love a good bargain as much as the next person does. I practically get off on the mesmerising yellow “reduced” sticker on any item… even if I don’t like the item. It will still get my attention for longer than someone who actually likes that item.

I was walking down an isle of the Tesco Express in Farringdon today… when I noticed a “Great Offers” sign. So I thought I would go over and give it some attention… which I did. Then I noticed another in the corner of my eye to the right of me… so I did the same. At this point something didn’t feel right. I noticed yet another in the corner of my eye to the left. Something was wrong. I slowly turned around… and was horrified by what I saw. Words cannot describe the fear that I experienced.

I strongly recommend you click to enlarge the image below to see, and even experience the horror for yourself.

Tesco Express - Great Offers

A horrific Great Offers experience