WTF: Record companies request, wait for it, $75 TRILLION in damages against LimeWire

LimeWire $75 Trillion

$75 Trillion? No problem!

Hahahahaaa!!! Oh my Jesus Christ Monkey Balls. Are you being SERIOUS? SEVENTY-FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS? An amount that is around FIVE TIMES the national debt for the United States of America?

This is theĀ ridiculousĀ amount that some music labels have demanded collectively. Music labels used to be, back in the 70’s and 80’s – somewhat of a mild super power back in them days, and could get away with such acts of greed. Today things are very different.

Not only will this not go down in court at all, I’ll be more inclined to illegally download my music just to show them exactly how correctly they’re going about this.