The UARS Satellite is falling to earth: Here are 10 things YOU should be MORE worried about…

NASA UARS Satellite

NASA's UARS Satellite

So NASA’s UARS Satellite is falling towards our planet: Earth. I’ve noticed that quite a lot of people are scared of what’s going to happen when it enters our atmosphere. First thing is first, you have nothing to be scared about. UARS is going to burn and break up hard as it enters our dense and friction generating atmosphere at high speed.

There’s a reason that when space shuttles re-enter our atmosphere, they have to be built to withstand extreme pressure and extreme heat. UARS is protected again shit all. UARS isn’t falling ‘down’, it’s entering our atmosphere at a near horizontal, arc-like route. It’s effectively ‘skimming’ our atmosphere and has been programmed to come out of orbit at a point where it will just fall into the ocean. The chances of you being hit? 1 in 21 TRILLION. You’ve got more chance of being stuck by lighting. On that note, I would like to present you with a list of 10 things that you should be MORE worried about, as it’s more likely that these things will happen to you:

  1. After buying a KFC box meal, you open it to find they have given you the wrong side (i.e. beans instead of gravy).
  2. That homeless guy asking you for more change.
  3. Being arrested and sued collectively by all the mega-record companies for illegally downloading Rebecca Black – Friday “because you just wanted to hear it”.
  4. Suffering from mild alcohol poisoning in the next 6 months.
  5. Hating the upcoming new Facebook Profiles, but growing to absolutely loving it.
  6. Falling off a tall building because it was a little too windy.
  7. Partaking in a random dance-off in the middle of a busy street to classic Mexican music around a sombrero whilst Mexican immigrants freestyle in the background.
  8. Losing both water AND electricity where you live for around a week, maybe more.
  9. Realising that your far more bi-sexual than you ever thought you would be.
  10. Think about auditioning for Big Brother, getting all the way through the interviews, through the program, and winning.
So there. Don’t panic. Everything listed above is more likely to happen to you than you being worried about the UARS satellite.
Have a nice day now!

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