Aeroplane Food: The Culinary Taboo

I wish I could have plane food every day. Yes, you didn’t read wrong, I did just actually say that.

First Class Plane Meal

First Class Plane Meal

It upsets me every time when I hear someone talking about plane food, then followed by “Ewwww, ugh, fucking plane food. It’s so horrible. I’d rather vomit and put it in a tub, take it on the plane, then when the food comes round – say to them that it’s OK, because I brought a tub of my own vomit to eat instead of the food you are about to serve me”.

Granted, plane food is not what it used to be 20 years ago, and if your sitting in last class (economy) – the presentation isn’t going to be amazing, but it is still made to a high standard in a controlled environment by professionals who know and are qualified to make food én mass. This process is no different than it would be in, say, a mid-level restaurant or a diner chain, and is significantly more trust-able than your local Chinese takeaway, greasy spoon or Indian takeaway – not forgetting the likes of KFC and McDonald’s. My father always told me that due to the pressure and atmosphere, the large majority of passengers

Business Class Plane Meal

Business Class Plane Meal

have their taste buds affected causing them to taste less whilst in the air. Since remembering this on every flight, I’ve always enjoyed (in comparison to the negativity that is projected) plane food, reminding me of quality ready meals found in the likes of ASDA and Tesco. You’re also provided with bread, butter, fruit and a dessert.

I can understand that some people may have had bad experiences with in-flight meals, but I can’t help feel that some people are genuinely exaggerating, possibly to fit in with the crowd or their loser friends. I have the balls to tell people that plane food rocks, and that it is made with as much care and attention as other production facilities whether it be a small restaurant or a large diner.

Economy Class Plane Meal

Economy Class Plane Meal

I urge all plane food haters to watch the video below. I hope that it will change your perception of plane food, and mentally prepare you for your next flight. As mentioned the video below, all plane food is made only a few hours before the flight. Thats fresher than a ready meal.

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