The Portable Notebook BBQ: Best £20 I’ll spend this summer

Portable BBQ

Portable BBQ

Yesterday I received a large package at work. Last Thursday, I co-incidentally received the usual email from, one of them websites where if I had all the money in the world, I would buy one of everything on that website. I usually have a quick skim though the email, laugh at some of the stuff in it, and then trash it. This time was different.

The Portable BBQ caught my eye. To date, I have been to two BBQ’s and summer hasn’t even hit full flow. The problem me and my friends have is that we use the disposable BBQ’s, which last about 30 minutes at best and is no-where near enough time to cook meat for the amount of people that turn up. The portable BBQ was £20 with free delivery, and it folds up into a thin briefcase-esqe carry case containing the grills inside.

Well that was a no-brainer. Ordered.

Two days later I logged on to Firebox to look at the BBQ again – and it was sold out. Love it, just in time for the Royal Wedding pissup/BBQ on Friday. Note: I don’t give a flying shit about the wedding, we’re just using it as an excuse to drink and have a BBQ.

Photos below for your enjoyment.

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Portable BBQ –

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