Nando’s IS middle-class food, right?!

Nando's Portuguese

Nando's is Portuguese.

Paul has brought up another interesting topic as of late. Nando’s – is it middle class food? I think it is. A short debate started in the office, and one side thought that it was classed as “fast food” and one side classed it as middle-class. But how do you define fast food and middle class? Does one define “fast food” because it’s fast, or because it’s cheap? Or (as one person put it) because you pay up front?!

I personally take two things into account here, quality and speed. Nando’s doesn’t get to you quickly, you can be waiting up to around 30 minutes on a bad day, and the quality of food is far higher than a McDonalds, a Colonel or a King which all fail miserably in both quality but excel in speed, which surely = fast food, no?!

Pffff whatever. We’ll eventually work out some mathematical equation for this!

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