WTF: There’s just no need for the paperclip.


Why, why, why, why, WHY?! This small packet of dry biscuits is TINY and from Costa (this has no relevance).

Who has done such a thing? Well I’ll tell you – why it’s only our very own Toni from Salad Cream. “I don’t see what the problem is!”. I have highlighted what I think the problem is below. You be the judge.


WTF: LOL WUT - using a paper clip to close a very small bag of hard biscuits

2 Comments on “WTF: There’s just no need for the paperclip.”

  1. saladcream says:

    I think is totally normal behaviour from a non-weirdo who was just trying to limit the dry biscuit situation… Costa have not helped me out on that front though… moisture up your biccies please!

  2. Schuliet says:

    Toni, i’m with you on this one! it just goes to show that paperclips are not just onesided office material, but that they can be used for many a things, versatile little things they are. I heart your idea. 🙂

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